Music Resources

For those just getting started, here are the primary books we use at S.D.G. jams
(especially for beginners.) 
Click on the links for purchase options.
We can share with you at the jams till you know IF or which book(s) you would like to purchase.


Of course experienced players are welcome to play along by ear!


Other Recommended Books

You can bring books to Guild and someone may be able to answer any questions you might have.

Good Sources for Tab


Carol Walker's newest book is now "officially released" and ready to ship. Available as a print copy or digital download. Purchase includes full set of downloadable MP3s. 130 pages with standard notation and easy-to-read large print tab. Suitable for ensembles of all sizes and for players of every level. 

Read all about it here:


Misc. Resources




Dulcimer Player News 

Is a quarterly print magazine, where you will find sheet music, tablature, articles by musicians for musicians, and the tales and traditions linking the past to the present.

The DPN website also has a great
Festival Listing Page!!

Check it out!